Monday, May 21, 2018

Cracked: A lot of firearms "training' is crappy.

That's at least the actual thrust of this article (by a different writer this time).

The article is about how "gun nuts refute their own arguments."

But the first two in the list are a really bad DVD and a really bad book. How bad? The book is "My parents open carry."

The first, somehow, refutes that firearms can be used for self defense, and the latter, similarly, somehow, debunks that firearms can protect one's family.

Those are pretty pedestrian.  The confusing one is #2  "Men Are Monsters, So Women Need Guns!"
Um... this is the same publication that goes in on #MeToo and the problems of abusive men.

But the confusion grows:

About 38 percent of gun owners are women, but they don't seem to be interested in shooting those guns for murder or self-defense. In 2014, only 15 ladies gunned down a man in self-defense. That obviously doesn't include the women who defended themselves at sea and told no one but the sharks what they had done, but 15 seems low, doesn't it? That's the number of women out of 16 who probably had every right to kill a man in 2014.

That seems... low.  Oddly enough that's the one time the article has no citation, and why 2014?  Why not a decade? Weirdly, in the same paragraph the writer then admits that it seems very low.  Okay.

Moreso the writer notes that women aren't abusing their guns.

And right after this the article goes on about the Detroit case where a woman was put in prison for using a gun to defend her family.  Um... so guns are bad because the police and prosecutors are railroading people?

Women obviously don't want to solve their problems with guns, so why are we pushing them so hard to do so?

Parse that.  So women being law-abiding with their guns (nearly 40 percent of women are gun owners by his own admission...), and the writer thinks that women don't have the agency to make their own decision to by them? That they're somehow being tricked?  That's rather sexist.

Though this is the same guy who then goes on to proudly put in a tweet where he goes all macho chest thumping and uses a term for female genitalia as an insult.

So.... yeah sexist.

And how does he prove gun owners are the real sexist folks?  By citing a 30 year old VHS.  Okay... there's a lot more recent stuff to show that gun owners still have some massive problems with appealing to women (Hey let's make guns pink!)

And how is the video?

It's crushingly boring, which is unexpected. Gun videos for men feature corner-pieing drills and quick draw techniques to eliminate multiple ninjas. Ralph Mroz showed me how to talk an outlet mall shopper into carrying a loaded firearm and then kill him by diving under an SUV and shooting his feet. This lady video is almost un-American in how it treats guns like exhausting responsibilities no one should ever touch without expert training. Lee learns about holsters, eye and ear protection, trigger guards, and firing pins from two creeps who talk like they only teach firearm classes because their hypnotism careers never took off. They seem to truly want to keep the viewer alive.

What?  The writer had the whole of the bad "ladies training" to pick and he went with the dull one that actually tried to be responsible and do it by the numbers.

Note the double standard.  A video that is all  "ninja-skills" is mocked for being a power fantasy, and one that's nuts and bolts is mocked for being boring.

Nevermind the writer's intention was to mock the video for being sexist.

As I said: confusing.

And last is the old "Guns are to overthrow the goverment"

Which....   well becomes revealing.  The article goes from the confused muddle of before to angry ranting.

There's repeated calls of gun owners as stupid, mentally-ill racists with small penis.  The writer bragging about the illegal weapons he proudly owns.  Him fantasizing about the US military killing civilians.  Him actually encouraging gun owners to join said militant repression on the  side of the army.

He goes into the all gun owners are mentally ill right after talking about how gun owners are all about making it so mentally-ill people can buy guns. (Someone who knows the transitive law can figure out tat one)

And he advocates that gun owners resist any confiscation by illegally hiding their guns.

He then once again points out an abuse of police against a lawful gun owner and uses it as evidence that...  gun owners are racist because they didn't have the revolution that the writer seems to be fantasizing about.

The telling part is that the article doesn't really mention any specific laws, guns, or accessories that he has a problem with.

And it ends with a photo of him pumping a shotgun while angrily, glaring at the camera.

Which is... problematic.

But the article seems to be more of a rage-filled form of venting than anything else.   Given the comments are by and large a similar bout of cathartic release...

Monday, April 16, 2018

Cracked: Letters of Marque are Scary!

Yes,  Cracked has an article about 5 Crazy Scenarios You Didn't Know the Constitution Allows

It's a funny list,  given there's fretting over  a "dictatorship loophole",  which no one is sure how it would work, other than maybe the shocker that constitutional amendments can amend the whole of the constitution and thus can do any dictatorial thing, including change how the Constitution is amended...

Fretting over Texas being able to split up, that the President can devolve his powers to the VP,  and that people can still be put into slavery and bondage if it's "punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted."  Which given the vast, vast number of people incarcerated in the US, shouldn't be a surprise.

But the one that tickled my fancy was the "The Constitution Could Make Us All Pirates".  That is freaking out about the Letters of Marque part.  (As a side note, it's a bit funny as some Cracked writers would go all fanboy about pirate hunting).

Which goes to what made me amused.  See this is Adam Wears' work.    Right, the same guy who is stating in this article that the Founders Intended to be able to give average citizens the power to hunt pirates, with actual warships,  thinks the Founders never wanted average citizens to have firearms.  And thinks this to the level that it was NRA insanity that got the idea of an individual right tricking the courts.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cracked: Fake News Makes people Afraid of Mass and School Shootings

That is David Wong Cracked's Executive Editor's assertion in this list.

"13 Myths About Society Too Many People Believe"

6) Myth: School Shootings Are Rampant
7) Myth: Mass Shootings Are A Significant Danger To The Average Person

And he does a calm rational way to show that yeah these myths are false.
And he's saying this as someone who would happily ban these guns.

I do have to wonder how he squares this with Adam Wears  the frequent, and bilious, anti-gun writer he has on staff.

Ah well. Does show that for all the time Cracked goes against pearl-clutching moral panics in the media, they're quite guilty of it too.

Also Wong takes apart a few other sacred cows so the article does read like one of those older Cracked pieces where one has to wonder if this is being subversive or not.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Looks like I missed one...

So turns out Cracked had another gun article about a month ago.

And turns out that this and the last two articles were all written by the same  Adam Wears.

Behold 6 Psychotic Gun Accessories (You Can Totally Buy)  which is an interesting mix of silly and more silly things.

Through it all Wears' tone is extremely angry  and literally ends with an unrelated "Even Australia recognized we needed gun control after their own horrifying massacre. Read about it here."

And that last link is a book about the massacre... not the laws passed after it.

What's interesting is the "even"  as if Wears is surprised that Australia passed gun control. Given Cracked has repeatedly pointed to they want Australia's gun confiscation to be done in the US.

The funny part is that despite Wears preening about how "We at Cracked have dedicated a lot of words to debunking the myths that popular culture loves to spread about guns"  his number one scary item? 

Tripods.  Seriously, the number one in the list is the evils of gun tripods.  Only a bit into does he get into "crank-fire" guns.

I am amused that the article opens with the expected "Gun owners are just beardo man-children obsessed with merch and pop culture" you know...  what Cracked used to jokingly, but lovingly, call their "core audience" Wears goes on about "when a gun nut spends too long on eBay."

One wonders if Wears really thinks that the things he listed can be bought on Ebay....

Thursday, April 5, 2018

It took them almost couple months....

But Cracked once again is beating the Anti NRA drum.

Now there's "6 Underreported Reasons Why The NRA Are Just The Worst"

Three things off the bat.  Note the the extremely clickbait formatting of the headline, even by Cracked standards  then note that the verb is conjugated for plural.  Meaning that it's not "the NRA" as being the worse,   but "NRA members" as being the worse.

And finally... under reported?    Reading the list of pear-clutching and conspiracy mongering the list is all stories that are pretty well known.

I'm just amused that Silencers (#1) are both somehow so effective that they're prefect assassin devices, but also so ineffective that they're pointless in reducing hearing damage.

And that when Smith and Wesson is pressured by the goverment to go into Smart Gun technology that's perfectly fine, but when gun owners decide to no longer by their guns  then it's suddenly an affront to the free market.

As a minor note, it is amusing that in some cracked articles Waco and Ruby Ridge are signs that the goverment is reckless and crazy and abusive of power,  and in other articles those events are legitimate and questioning them is just conspiracy mongering.  But since Cracked had their big editorial and contributor cull earlier this year, they probably can't do checks for consistent editorial stance.

 That said, I'm a bit surprised Cracked took them this long to write another article.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Small Business Bites End.

And we come to the conclusion.

Though there's room for a sequel, but, more importantly, there's always revisons.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Schedule Slip

Alas no writing to put up this Sunday.

The plan is for next sunday to have another scene up, which may be the last one for Small Buisness Bites.

So, there's that at least.