Sunday, January 21, 2018

British Rationing in WWII

Ian on Inrange TV has a new series coming up

So far there's an overview of some of the nuts and bolts of the British WW2 (and beyond) domestic rationing system.
Not just linking for a historical interest, but as this was a massive state regulation of food with rationing (obviously), price controls, wholesale purchase, attempts to influence supply and demand, and social engineering.
And this is a scheme that seems to have functioned fairly well, resulted in improved health, and had less black market activity than many other rationing programs.
My natural libertarian leanings recoil at such at thing, but in the points of intellectual honesty I am curious to learn more.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Opening lines.

That's the first step right?

Well I have an idea of characters and setting, still planning the plot. As it's a short story do have to be careful about size and the 'verse.

But I'm pretty happy with this opening line:

When meeting a demon over drinks it pays to wear your nicest holster.  

It's a start.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Backup Procedures

Way back in the day I participated in National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo).

I worked on a story called Backup Procedures.

Think of an alt-history future-pulp on other planets humans travel to via submarine.  Where humanity's allies in this universe are a race of large crab-like creatures and a demonic-looking all female species which is not actually demonic but created from humans and a race of eldritch old ones.

Never finished it.   Didn't even get to revise it like I promised.

And I'll admit my track record is... well time, time and time.

But I'm thinking maybe I could start with a short story to get back into  the 'verse

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Constitutional Carry for Indiana?

Another attempt is being tried with House Bill 1022.

As Tam says:

Contact your local legislator, Hoosiers, and also make sure that Speaker Bosma's office know that we will not appreciate him burying this in committee or shuffling it off to a study again. You can't call yourself "Indiana's Conservative Leader" and continue to kill gun rights bills. Pick one.

And I'll echo her mention that if you're  Hoosier and not a member of ISRPA, join up.  They're a great state-level organization and do the yeomen's work for gun rights in this state.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New Cracked Same as the Old Cracked.

One would wonder given the massive layoffs Cracked recently had if that would cause a change in tone.

Maybe they wouldn't be stridently, demandingly pushing a sense of righteous outrage on things that offend their sensibilities?

Yeah, that hardly lasted two weeks.

Once again Cracked went to some old NRA footage. Familiar ground as they they did much the same in April of this year.

This time however instead of mocking some old NRA Ads, they went after an old tape of a Charlton Heston Celebrity Shoot.

And I mean go after,   every paragraph is pearl clutching and teeth gnashing. With constant outrage at people daring to enjoy shooting.

Note the sport shooting shown is all revolver cowboy shooting and double barrel shotgunning.

Cracked doesn't show a single image of a magazine fed weapon and they still find this offensive.

Keep it in mind when the publication tries to say it only wants "common sense" gun control.

If this writer gets the vapors over revolvers and cowboy single action revolvers, one wonders his reaction to weapon designs that aren't over 150 years old.

Still on the upside... it does show the NRA is more comfortable with "modern"  sporting weapons.

(Well...  Cracked now has a "Please Donate" button on the bottom of the article, so that's new)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Well.... that's a bold move for Cracked.

So....  looks like Cracked had a major layoff of writing talent.
That's a lot of names of their main writers that are... gone.

I guess this explains why every fortnight or so they had a "Wanna Write for Cracked! It's totes awesome yo!" article.

Via Erin who pointed this out to me.

We'll see what brave new world this opens up for Cracked and their articles....

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cracked: Blaming the victim for Police Abuse.

So a man gets wrongly raided by the police for the actions of a relative who was not even home.

His life is nearly ruined.

And cracked takes a "well it was her fault for wearing such a short skirt" stance.

Well that's not entirely fair.  Cracked does blame the cops in a "both parties are bad" view.

Think I'm kidding?

Let's go with some quotes:

Much of America fiercely believes that A) every citizen should have the right to defend their own home with deadly force, and B) that police should kick in the door of any residence that might have drugs inside. You know, to keep our children safe.

What about those of us that are against the War on Drugs?
But note the whole "well both sides..." apologia starts.

The police stormed the home, but, like roughly half of Texans, Rosas was a legal gun owner. He responded to his window exploding by opening fire on the source of said explosion. If that response sounds crazy to you, it should be noted that Rosas had been the victim of drive-by shootings before. It was that kind of neighborhood, and he had previously testified against a local gangbanger (meaning he had been expecting retaliation). 

So... the article does a good point of showing that Rosas wasn't crazy for his reaction.

The combined amount of drugs seized in these cases could fit in your pockets. Question: Have we as a society lost our fucking minds?
Note... that Cracked here isn't talking about just the "War on Drugs"

In fairness the next few points show just how insane the War on Drugs is and the dangers of no-knock raids.   And how much more forgiving the system is to police abuses  and how the legal system grinds people down.

So before you think this is a plea for drug legalization, or  reforming police abuses....

In the 1980s, the U.S. saw roughly 3,000 SWAT raids per year. Now we're at 50-80,000 raids per year (that's the whole "militarization of police" thing you've been hearing about). This means that in the U.S., a couple of hundred homes are raided every single day, in a country with 300 million privately owned guns. All because this fierce cultural defense of one freedom (to own a firearm) doesn't seem to translate to any other. It wasn't Magee's ownership of an AR-10 assault that made him dangerous to the state, but his growing of several plants.

If you don't care about the lives of drug users or dealers (and we know for a fact that lots of people don't), then what about the lives of police officers? Or bystanders? How easily could this have ended tragically for Rosas' mother, or Kori White, or her unborn baby? Or are their lives also worthless due to proximity?

If you think so, can you please stop and ask yourself the same question we raised earlier: Have we lost our fucking minds?

Emphasis added.     One could generous with the article going "Well they call gun ownership a freedom"  but reading in the cited context.   They writers are clearly just as angry that the guy owned a gun, as they are that the police were abusive.

The twisted parts is that.  Cracked routinely (in fact that's the bread and butter of this very blog)  lobbies for gun control.     Do they think that the Police seriously pushing Australia style gun control measures wouldn't end up with things just like this?

And by pure coincidence....  Hawaiian police are using their gun registry to demand medical marijuaana patients give up their guns.