Sunday, October 8, 2017

Go Home Cracked... you're drunk.

So... Cracked has a video up entitled Why We Constantly Avoid Talking About Gun Control

Huh...  what's this WE Cracked?

See here's an advantage where my blog has decayed into me commenting whenever cracked goes on about gun Control.  They put up an article one every two or three months.... for years.

They're frequent enough that it's become the running thing of my blog.

And now they pretend that they haven't been talking about it?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Cracked Admits gun bans don't do squat.

Just look at #18 of this list 

Where they admit that, nation by nation, there's no correlation between homicide rate and gun ownership.

So in other words all those "we have to have less guns on the streets" or "gun bans will make you safe"  don't exactly have... support...

And if banning X  doesn't make the populace safer... they why ban it?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cracked: Prop Gun Laws

Oh this is goood.

See Cracked had a trend where they'd interview people who did "odd jobs".
That is  careers that were strange and give some insight.

They also have a habit of doing.... gun articles.  Which has become the main thing I blog about.

So them doing an article about a guy that provides prop guns for Movies is catnip.

Right off the bat they complain about guns converted to fire blanks.   Now it's true that these guns can be dangerous as the blanks do have a force at the end.  Which the article covers. (Including The Crow)

And sure the article frets about the scariness of the blanks firing guns (calling them Actual Firearms).  But it also mentions Cooper's Rule 2 (which shows the penetration of the safety rules).

But the amusing parts...

This occasionally causes issues, because certain very famous actors also happen to have very large rap sheets, and felons are legally barred from touching firearms in the U.S. Yes, you can take a moment to weep for them now. Mike and his colleagues have ways to deal with that: "That was something that was brought to the attention of armorers in the movie industry years ago, because we did have several actors ... who have felonies on their record, and we were told by ATF and the California Department of Justice that we could not hand them a functioning firearm. So generally ... we hand them something that is not a firearm, never has been a firearm. We specifically make up weapons that have never been firearms, so they've never been in that category."


Since Mike works in California, he's got to deal with that state's notoriously strict gun laws. Even though his firearms have been converted to only fire blanks, he pays for a fistful of gun permits every year: "assault weapon permits, what they call Entertainment Firearms Permits ... they issue anyone these licenses, which they charge a lot of money for, which we have to pay for each year ... I carry ten different licenses, literally, to do what I do, most of which I have to renew every year."

It's kind of silly that a guy in Mike's position has to have the same permits as, say, a company that provides armed security guards. But there are bigger issues.
Why yes Cracked it is silly.  Maybe your writers should think more about how absurd gun control is when it actually gets put into action.

The other parts are more mundane-to-somewhat-amusing.  Basically being the standard complaints about movie makers wanting cool guns or doing dumb things with the prop guns.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I suppose this counts as.... Progress for Cracked.

Cracked decided to put up an article called.5 Ways The Modern World Makes Mass Murder Easier

With the url title: mass-shootings-are-popular-modern-life-isnt-helping

And it's all about how the sinister internet can, in their words: attract, incubate, and radicalize spree killers.  Shockingly for a publication that's all about catering to alternative internet people, the piece reads like a stodgy puritan grandma fretting about those kids on the Mychat.

Interestingly there is not a single word about how wall-to-wall media coverage could maybe give these loner misanthropes a, fleeting, chance to be the most talked about person in the country, and fling them from obscurity to becoming a household name.


There's also only a token mention of gun control towards the end.

Though... the article is worrying for what it implies as a solution is given how dangerous and sinister it portrays much of the anonymity, exchange of ideas, and unregulated community building the internet can allow.

But I'm sure people who are contemptuous of the 2nd Amendment (the article ends with a link to a vid Cracked did about how wonderful Australasia's mass confiscation was) are totally okay with the First.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Cracked: Why yes Allen Crum is a badass

So....  Cracked decided to do an article about regular people who did bad-ass things.

And in fiarness their #2 is Allen Crum.

Who is Mr. Crum you may ask?  Well, when Charles Whitman started killing people he's one of the regular folks who armed themselves to help the police take on the murderer.

Specifically Crum asked a cop for a rifle, was given it, and went up the tower with the police.

Something to mind if Cracked ever tut tuts about the idea of armed regular-joes being able to help stop a mass shooting.

Cracked: Gun Control's about rich people disarming commoners.

So today Cracked has 5 Annoying Modern Debates That Have Been Around Forever
(Url title  5-surprisingly-ancient-political-debates-that-wont-go-away)

And #2 is about gun control.

So point in favor it does talk about how "We've Been Fighting About Weapons Bans As Long As We've Had Weapons"

But the writer dives right into the "Well of course it's okay for rural people to have guns, but not people in urban areas."

Which it's funny how that racist dog whistle is okay.

And yes the article contorts the term "stand your ground" to mean any generic castle doctrine or basic self defense:
Later, Roman lawmakers enshrined their own "Stand Your Ground" law, making it perfectly legal to kill someone who attacked you on the road or wandered onto your farm in search of "plunder."

But the more important bit is at the end:

The issue got more complicated as weapons got more elaborate. In the 12th century, the Church, the emperor of Germany, and other rulers tried to ban crossbows for being "un-Christian." The issue came down to literal class warfare -- crossbows were deadly and required little skill to operate, meaning any yokel armed with one could kill a knight or nobleman. (Richard the Lionheart was killed by a potshot from some random dude defending a castle he was besieging.)

Centuries later, nobles had the same concerns about guns. Henry VIII banned anyone who made less than 100 pounds from owning a firearm, and France soon followed suit. So governments have always kept weapons out of the hands of the masses because they feared giving the people power, but it was also often done to uphold order and save lives. That double-sided issue has been a problem for millennia, so it's unlikely the next Facebook argument you see is going to solve it.

The issue got "more complicated". What a nice euphemism there.

So....  the rich and powerful were afraid of commoners having weapons, so they worked to disarm them even using religion to push their way.

At least cracked admits the "literal class warfare".

But don't worry, sure the state has always wanted to disarm the masses, but it was for their own good!
And yes that is literally Cracked's angle.

Well, given this was all about how old these "debates" are you can give Cracked some leeway about not mentioning how racist early US gun control is.

Wait... you mean the next point is literally: #1. The U.S. Government Has Always Treated Some Minorities Like Terrorists.

Huh....  so... remember that whole No Fly No Buy demand to ban gun ownership to people on some secret goverment watch-list?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cracked Takes on Old NRA ads....

So... this Cracked article on crazy ads.

You may guess that it's related to gun control.  Something Cracked talks about... a fair bit.

So of course some NRA ads  are part of the list.  But they only get in at #6.    And in fairness they really are some pretty crazy advertisements.

(Sure Cracked being Cracked starts off with "The NRA famously advocates for gun manufacturers",  and then tries to be even handed with the issue."   Cracked also acts as if these are typical advertisements, though the link, to Mother Jones no less!  Shows a mess of far tamer ads.  But on the gripping hand the article doesn't really talk about how bad guns are or how great gun control is.)

And this late 80's  Washington Post article seems to confirm that the NRA really did engage in this, frankly, baffling advertising strategy.   Baffling not for the content of the ads so much as the way they're framed.

Still, it's somewhat noteworthy that Cracked put it so low on the list.